Toledo Volleyball Club

2018 Indoor 4s Tournament-Fall Training



At TVC, we love competition and want to foster the enjoyment of competing in our gym. Playing before tryouts is a great way to prepare your game and refresh your mentality heading into the travel season. Join us for a fun evening of round robin, tournament play-off 4s.

ALL PLAYERS - ONCE YOUR SEASON IS OVER you can legally play in this tournament!

  • Jr. High (7th-8th Grade): Sunday, Nov 4th.
    • Two Divisions: National & Regional
    • 10:00 am Check-in & Warm-up
    • Play starts at 10:30 am complete by 12:30 pm
  • High School (9th-12th Grade): Sunday, Nov. 4th
    • Two Divisions: JV & Varsity
    • 6:00pm Check-in & Warm-up
    • Play complete by 9:00pm
  • Form your OWN TEAM and sign-up this fall!
  • Fee: $20/player (you may play with up to 5 players/team)
  • Note: There are NO court position restrictions or requirements in 4’s volleyball, but service rotation must remain the same throughout a single game. For example, players can stay in the same court position an entire game (at the net/back row etc.), but each player MUST serve in the same service order for the entire game.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and spectators are allowed to attend.

**Please note that under  OHSAA Interpretation, all players season must be over to participate. If your team attends on Nov. 4th and a player's interscholastic team is still in season, that player could lose their remaining eligibility. Please call or e-mail below with any questions in regards to this.**

Our INDOOR 4s Tournament falls under OHSAA rule of 3 for public school players 7th grade and up. If your team has more than 3 players of an OHSAA sanctioned (public) school, they are not allowed to play together. Even though there is not a coach involved and we are offering NO training, this playing opportunity is considered a "competition" under OHSAA Rule.

Please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions. I apologize for any angst this causes in team formation but encourage the girls not to be frustrated, we might just have to interchange some players (even MORE like tryouts).


Please direct questions to:

Jessica Hohl

Associate Director

Phone: 419-794-4656